Lola Parks was Live "5 @ 5:55" - episode 3

Live "5 @ 5:55" (pm PT) Fridays right now, friends!
Tune in for a live 5-song mini-concert from the comfort of your own home.
So far doing on FB live and adding here after. May try to go live on YouTube directly too.
Fridays @ 5:55 pm PT / 8:55pm ET.

Set list:
1. Lovers in a Dangerous Time (Bruce Cockburn)
2. Glory Bound (Martin Sexton)
3. Better Fit (Lola Parks)
4. She Talks to Angels (The Black Crowes)
5. These Are the Days (10,000 Maniacs)

Stay happy & healthy, safe & strong, warm & well.
Enjoy the music!
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Posted: Apr. 28, 2020