Lola Parks – Here

1.Trouble With Me
2. Zimbabwe
3. The Show
4. Inside of Me
5. Peripherying

Released 26 September 2011
Sandy Powlik – vocals, acoustic guitar.
Chris Van Sickle – piano, mellotron, keyboards.
Roy Vizer – drums, percussion.
Oliver Swain – string bass, clawhammer banjo.
Adam Dobres – electric guitar.
Dave Zellinsky – electric guitar (2,4).
Adrian Dolan – viola, violin (4).
Alfons Fear – trumpet (3,4).
All songs written by Sandy Powlik.
Produced by Hayden Cyr.

Lola Parks – Self Titled

1. The Sky is Falling
2. Special Theory of Relativity: Impermanence
3. Catch 22
4. September Afternoon
5. Himalaya
6. Now You
7. Falling
8. Hang On (live)

All songs written by Sandy Powlik.
Produced by Al Bee and Lucky Budd
Credits: released 11 November 2002
Band Members: Sandy Powlik (vocals, acoustic guitar), Lucky Budd (electric guitar), Dave Burke (bass), Al Bee (drums).