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“It’s been a long, long time… since I’ve got you on my mind, ooh ooh ooh ooh” — Bob Marley
After a slow, wet and cold winter, I’ve some gig and other news I’d love you to know about!
June 2 – 8-11pm @GrandPacific = Hotel Grand Pacific
June 8 – 6-8pm @RooftopSurfClub = Strathcona Rooftop Patio –> CANCELLED (rain!!) 
June 9 – 8-11pm @GrandPacific
June 12 – 7-9pm @SmugglersPub = Smugglers Cove Pub in Caddy Bay
June 16 – 8-11pm @GrandPacific
June 22 – 6-8pm @RooftopSurfClub – I’m away –> Geoff Lundstrum will be your man!
June 24 – 5-8pm @VicDistillers = Victoria Distillery in Sidney
*June 26 – 6pm @ Ship Point, Inner Harbour TRIO gig with Dallin Paul & @cwvansickle
–> ALL AGES, OUTDOOR, 40min set only! Part of #CANADA150@AtomiqueEvents!
July 6 – 12-1pm @ Centennial Square @CityofVictoria DUO gig with @cwvansickle
–> Enjoy your lunch downtown today with live music!!
July 6 – 6-8pm @RooftopSurfClub – finally back on top! :-)
July 8 – 5-8pm @VicDistillers
July 13 – 7-9pm @SmugglersPub
July 20 – 6-8pm @RooftopSurfClub
July 30 – 12-2pm @Canoebrewpub
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Heading out of town for a week in June to scout a venue or two and fingers crossed, get photos for an idea I’ve had for over a year for THE HUSTLE album cover! Then THE HUSTLE can finally join my first two Lola albums on iTunes like one big happy digital family together at last!
Not sure if I’ll be printing up CDs (Dated format? Nice to have? Tell me your thoughts!) or Vinyl (pricey but awesome! Perhaps a follow-up double album vinyl release in future hmm)
AND…Once I get photos sorted, I’ll get the website revamped and get the ball rockin’ & rollin’ again!
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Hoowah. Okay. Here goes.
I’ve entered a MISS BC event. Three days of workshops focusing on self-esteem, self-defence, public speaking, female leadership and female entrepreneurialism!
At first thought, it’s the antithesis of me – I’m honestly very mixed about it all haha
But I have struggled with low esteem and low mood all my life and events like this foster positivity and community, right? I’m aiming for some personal growth and to build my professional community!
MBC is a non-profit organization and all proceeds go to charity: COPS FOR CANCER. Over the years, $300,000 has been raised for this charity!
Events you can attend are on July 1 ($15) and July 3 ($25-30) in Langley, B.C.
The event required sponsorship and for the first time in my life, I asked for sponsorship help!
My deepest and most heartfelt gratitude go out to THESE GUYS for always being so positive and supportive and putting me in the game:
SIMON PEARSON The Fix Healthcare
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