Landmark Event – Sunday, March 12 @ Red Room in Vancouver

Lola Parks and many more – March 12 @ Red Room!

Are you excited? I’m excited! On Sunday, March 12, I, Lola Parks, am coming to YOU Vancouver! That’s only three weeks away! And not only will I be performing, but it’s a Landmark Events Showcase with mucho acts, a cavalcade of emerging stars! What could be better than getting a massive fix of original and local music on a mid-March Sunday?

I’ve asked to play early (4pm or so) so that everyone with distance to travel or kids to tend to: EVERYONE who wants to come CAN! Let’s make it happen and have an awesome time!

You can buy physical tickets directly from me – I will be in Metro Van THIS WEEKEND!

You can also get tickets online: I want tickets to see Lola! (Please choose *Lola Parks* as the act you’re supporting! They tally our #s)

Ok cats, I am stoked to see you next month! Let’s do it up!